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Spaded & Jaded & Faded

2 December
»The Girl;

I’m 21. I live in NOR*CAL with my boyfriend who I have been with since 5/29/04. We have two little kittens who we love dearly, and yes we do refer to ourselves as their “mommy & daddy”. I’m very outgoing, a dreamer, shy at first, always laughing even if something’s not funny. I LOVE makeup. I'm addicted to music. I live for the weekends. I'm a control freak. I hate people who start drama. I've learned to be careful with who you trust. I only talk shit if you start shit. I have extremely high standards for myself and everyone else. I can't be bought. I can't stand ignorant people who ALWAYS think they are right. I care a great deal about my appearance, but never think that I am good enough. I love my boyfriend more than I ever thought I could love anyone, he is one of the only people I can consider a true friend. Always looking for new LJ friends, so add me and I’ll add you back. ♥

shopping, tanning, concerts, dancing, working out, tennis, my boyfriend, my friends & fam, 311, Dave Matthews Band, movies, The OC, Growing up Gotti, The Real World, Road Rules, The Surreal Life, Making The Band, Prison Break, LOST, Jennifer Anniston, Aubrey Oday, Jessica Alba.

negativity, bad drivers, people who drive drunk, cheaters, liars, inconsiderate people, traffic, my natural curly hair, my car, the war, players, 90% of the female population.
»Listenin To;

311, Kottonmouth Kings, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Pepper, Dave Matthews Band, Daddy X, Sub Noize Records.

AMERICAN IDOL, Sex and the City, Friends, Prison Break, LOST, Inked, Miami Ink, Surreal Life, The Real World, The OC, Making The Band 3.