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March 29th 7:22am]
k let's try this again.....

LJ somehow deleted all of my listed friends. If you want to still be my friend please comment here so i can re-add you. If not then please remove me off of your friends List.

Thanks :)
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March 27th 5:35pm]
FIRST THINGS FIRST.... if you were removed from my friends, and you want to still be my friend, comment here so i can add you back. i somehow lost ALL of my friends and i swear i didn't delete anyone, Livejournal just hates me or something?

OK.... so as some of you know i am a tan-a-holic. i have tanned in tanning beds for the last 4 years off and on (mostly on). Well just recently I have started to notice some marks and mole like shapes on my body and it kind of freaked me out. This weekend i went online and researched skin cancer and that wasn't a very good idea because i only freaked myself out even more! So today I had an appointment with my doctor... she took a look at my entire body and there was a certain mole-like thing that she got very concerned about. Next thing i know i have a needle in me to numb my skin and she is cutting out a chunk of the mole to send off to the labs. It hurt like hell and I am pretty freaked out right now.... I'm so freaked out that even if it's NOT skin cancer i am never going to tan again... it's just not worth the risk. my doctor said that so many people don't realize just what they are doing to their skin. she also said that thousands of girls never get weird markings on them checked out because they just assume it's nothing.

so please, if you tan at all, make sure you get checked out! it's not worth it at all.... i will never tan again... I would rather use the messy sunless tanning lotions out there.. i am just far too terrified to tan now.

so wish me luck, the results won't come back until 5-7 business days :(
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the start of a new. [Monday
August 22nd 12:16pm]

comment to be added.
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